These Comics Strips provides detailed, valuable information for aspiring songwriters and others without having to read 300 pages.This comic book depicts the many tactics and methods used against the aspiring artists, writers and entrepreneurs. We educate and entertain by using humor; however, the topics covered are true and very serious. 

These comics, publications are meant to speak on my behalf because I was never acknowledged or considered or consulted. I had a bulls-eye put on my back because I walked away from harmful situation and chaos ensued. I chose to not be subjected by those who saw an opportunity and not a person. I was never recognized as a human being. I was tried and convicted by the court of public opinion before I even knew that I was on trial!

Although these Comics are meant to bring a smile and arouse interest, these life-changing messages are too important to ignore! SWP, LLC is a publishing and production company that is dedicated to educating our youth. Please visit:

Created & Written By Tiwanda ‘Ne Ne’ Lovelace,  March - June, 2018
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Seven West Productions, LLC Copyright © 2013

Created and Written by Tiwanda ‘Ne Ne’ Lovelace All rights reserved. 


At the onset of problems with my major music publisher and after notifying them of copyright infringements involving materials sent to them, I received multiple envelopes marked 'COMIC'  (they deny having possession of works):

Retyped for easy translation – 
A copy of letter shown above:

Zomba SONGS Inc.

July 20, 1995 via mail

137•139 WEST 25TH Street,
New York. NY 10001

Ms. Tiwanda Lovelace
9080 Burt Road
Detroit, MI 48228

Dear Ms. Lovelace:

It was a pleasure speaking with you this week. As we discussed, Zomba is investigating your assertions that some of your songs have been "reworked" without proper credit and appear on certain recordings currently in commercial release. As soon as we have some more concrete information, I'll be better able to address your concerns.

As we also discussed, I've spoken to Warner Bros. Records, and they do not have, nor have they ever had, an artist known as "Desire." Can you provide me with more information about this artist? Is there any chance it could be 550 Music/Epic Records artist Desiree? If you can pinpoint exactly who the artist is, we can investigate further. I will also need you to advise me specifically: (1) which songs on the release you believe are unauthorized "re-workings" of your songs, and (2) which of your songs do you believe was used?

Regarding your assertions that the Brownstone song "If U Love Me" is based on your song "Lies/"If You Loved Me," and that the Kut Klose song "I Like" is based upon your song "I Like The Way You Move Me," we do not appear to have recordings of either of your songs in our library. Would you please provide me with recordings of your songs so that we may compare them to the Brownstone and Kut Klose recordings?

Thank you.

Kind regards,

Deborah Keegan Associate Director, Business Affairs

cc: Richard Blackstone, Esq.

Follow up Copies of same forms dated: August 30, 1995, September 27, 1995, October 9, 1995 and October 23, 1995 (and another on November 27, 1995). Please Reply.

I have decided that I would present my own 

A person who was never even considered or included in any of the decisions or decision making that lead to horrific events, How does this one person get blamed? 

Convicted Serial killers get a trial before they get 30 years....Hell, I didn't know that I was on trial! 

That's what 'power in numbers' did for me...


Seven West Productions, LLC Copyright © 2013

Created and Written by Tiwanda ‘Ne Ne’ Lovelace All rights reserved. 

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