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Is College the Cure-All for a Career in Music?

E.O.A.A WEEKLYFriday, October 03, 2014, Written by Tiwanda ‘Ne Ne’ Lovelace Bio | Email Website | Twitter | YouTube | Online Store 
“The information in this 
article derived in full and in part from 
Music, Murder and Mayhem – A True Story! 
and Music Business: It's a Dirty Game!
All copyrights reserved”

Is College the Cure-All for a Career in Music?

"For Educational Purposes!'

In all of my experiences with the music business, I am constantly reminded that I need to complete my college education. 

I would like to clarify that it is my goal to obtain my Master’s Degree in Psychology and my Law Degree.

I am aware that it takes dedication, perseverance and determination and I truly respect those who make the deliberate choice to use their education for the betterment of mankind.

It is very important to obtain your college education in whatever field that will assist you with your endeavors. Building relationships with a good group of educated friends is necessary for true lasting success.

During my ordeal, emphasis has continued to be placed on education and of one's knowledge being power as if it is a cure-all.

The whole concept behind blaming anyone's legal and social predicament on the level of education is initiated as some form of justification for decades of violations is; in fact, completely ludicrous.  

Whether a person has a master’s degree or a Harvard degree, this should never justify blindly allowing intentional wrongful behavior to continue for decades.

Please explain to me how a lifetime of deliberately malicious acts bestowed upon any single individual could be resolved by getting a college degree. Especially when the 'system' does not even recognize that individual as a human being or acknowledges that person’s civil rights. 

Instead of educated individuals using their knowledge and positions to reflect enlightenment, I have been a witness to many alleged, educated people behaving like bullies and warmongers.

Would having a college degree suddenly correct blatant violations?

In the many instances where the laws that were supposed to protect the innocent, the laws have failed to be enforced.

Would having a degree suddenly make the courts acknowledge the blatant violence, the copyright infringements and the mail tampering associated with multiple carriers, etc...?

While attending college, my English professor actually gave an assignment of writing our own Epitaph…how did this help when individuals are already facing threats and intimidation tactics?

There were many coincidences happening all at the same time - my home was shot up, my son was hit by a car in front of his own home, family friend shot, multiple family member’s assaulted, angry stares from many strangers and in addition to what was going on…I had a teacher that would give an assignment of writing an Epitaph. 

Those who are educated and who have the money and power to influence Judges, Clerks, police, etc…would probably quickly provide reasons to justify discriminatory acts and abuse of power. 

It is easy to point at anyone and come to conclusion but it is unconstitutional to deceive individuals into believing that they have civil rights when it is based on who you are and if it depends on who is the depriving entity.

In other words, all our lives we are told that we could be anything that we want to be. 

Why tell people that they have rights only to deny and become hostile when they insist on exercising those rights.

Well-educated individuals should be able to ascertain the real harm that is inflicted on its society when power is wielded to intentionally and publicly suppress its citizens.

The message that is sent can and does cripple a nation from within. It doesn’t take a genius to see that telling someone that they should go back to school in a system that doesn’t recognize their rights is ridiculous.

It doesn't take a genius to know that ‘money’ is the only true power here. The reason behind telling someone who has been already been subjected to multiple violations would be to buy these ‘power tripping’ snakes more time to avoid accepting responsibility.

How would a college degree assist when the laws themselves do nothing to protect the innocent once those in power decide to abuse?

This seems more like a plutocracy disguised as a democracy plain and simple.

I have discovered that as you experience life, some of the best lessons are learned through firsthand, trial and error and I have tried everything but there is no real justification for this type of modern day enslavement.

Now don’t get me wrong, going to college and getting that degree can have its benefits but it is definitely not a ‘cure all’ for everyone.

One of the main purposes that is served by attending college would be to cultivate relationships with those who are in your field which can be useful in the future.

This can assist in ensuring that you are positioning yourself to become properly aligned just in case you find yourself ‘subjected.’

Throughout the decades, it has been said that I have been subjected to public humiliation and dehumanization because I have not graduated college.

Although events have been manipulated to dissuade assistance, I can assure you that not only have I produced proof of blatant deliberate violations of my human and civil rights inside Music Business: It’s a Dirty Game, Music Murder and Mayhem – A True Story, INVISIBLE: Living in America without Rights -2014!

People should stop lying when referencing a lack of a college degree as the cause for oppression that is deliberately inflicted on some individuals.

Going back to college is not going to make greedy lawyers, politicians, racist, liars, bullies and revenge seekers - recognize you as a human being.

Going back to college is not going to make the courts and this system miraculously recognize your valid substantiated claims (that were previously ignored).

Going back to college is not going to erase the lies that has been placed on individuals and the blame has been forced to carry by ruthless cowards!

Going back to college is not going to miraculously give individuals the rights that have been repeatedly deprived and stolen.

Going back to college is not going to erase the murders of innocents and otherwise; committed by the greedy, the 'haters' and the revenge seekers.

Going back to college is not going to make you forget that a legion of fellow American citizens, co-workers, friends and some family members attempted to induce suicidal actions.

A process ensues which involves the vilification, alienation and oppression of individuals just so that others can continue to hide the truth.

Personally, I am glad to disappoint and I would never allow ANYONE to change or affect how I feel about myself; especially, when I know better.

I have had the misfortune of helplessly watching while people portray the many reasons why some are placed in situations where rights are publicly violated.

Personally, my work continues to be undermined and everything that I do is under constant scrutiny; solely, because of the messages contained within and that the content will enlighten others. 

As much as I would like to provide words of encouragement, I cannot deliberately allow others to believe in a fairy-tale. I do not wish for you to go through the same hell that I suffered or possibly face worse so I will give it to you direct and uncut.

Are we going to allow the continuation of blatant criminal acts committed by our educated representatives that we place in positions? Are we going to continue to hold others down with judgment and ridicule, while we sit back as a people and blame everything on greedy corporations? 

In all of these centuries, educated individuals should have recognized that if one group can be denied rights; eventually, it would be all. I must say that in Baartman’s case, there were many abolitionist and activist who were able to ascertain the importance of upholding people’s rights.

In the past when blatant slavery was a part of our society, education for blacks was prohibited. Denying education was one of the main methods used by slave owners in order to maintain the upper hand. This process was definitely helpful in supporting these slave-owners in their deceitful practices.

Fear and intimidation was also used to prevent the desire to learn to read and write. Those found attempting to learn to read and write were punished severely and possibly faced even death.

The true purpose of segregation within schools was to be selective in the materials provided and to limit the amount of information. Similar to our previous educational system, some school systems provide better supplies and materials based on zip codes. The impoverished areas were designated to receive lessor selection of materials. The selection of books and material were actually chosen to influence a mindset, not necessarily to educate.

All schools, not just schools predominated filled with African-American should know about Sara Baartman’s tragic experience. This is a part of the world’s history and it would definitely have a positive impact on our society by addressing these atrocities instead of ignoring them.

It is important for young women to know that this system preys off and takes advantage of our uneducated and misguided youth. All young girls should know the history of how women were viewed and treated, past and present.

Most of all, our young women need to recognize their value and not just as being a source for other’s pleasure and profit. At an early age, girls are sought out in an effort to seduce and deceive just so that a profit can be made by ruthless business men like the Dunlop’s and Cezar’s of the world.

There was a time when people were not desensitized and easily distracted.

There was a time when people from all walks of life marched for human rights.

It was not and is not just a ‘black thing.’

“In earlier titles, I mentioned that there is no justification for years of repeated deliberate injustice.

When something is not working properly, most make the necessary changes to improve. The same should be considered when addressing the legal system.

First, we should address the politics behind the actual 'long terms and permanent seats' in politics because this can ensure that prolonged injustice continues if an individual is these positions are corruptible. 

There are some who are intent on maintaining a financial gap. There are those who are teaching their families just how to keep YOU enslaved, passing it down the line for generations.

I am not stating that all are corrupted but by limiting the time-frames or terms, this will ensure that the chances of payoffs will be less likely. 

Each instance where a bribe or payoff is offered and accepted will decrease while the possibility that someone will expose the attempts will increase.

Instead of allowing for long terms, the people should limit the time-frame for these positions so that each representative will not become lax in their duties. 

Permanent seats and positions only ensures that the people are permanently kept in the same position as well.

In order for true change to occur, there has to be changes made. 

I understand that these individuals have dedicated years in service and they should be recognized for their positive contributions; however, we must not forget the word ‘service.’

When I worked for the State of Nevada’s Unemployment Office, I ‘served’ my claimants with respect and with due diligence. Although we are flawed, we should never be willing to accept minimal effort.

The power that these individuals possess should be limited because in the words of Lord Acton ‘Absolute Power Corrupts, Absolutely.’ 

In basic physics when something is rotating or constantly moving at a steady pace, it automatically deflects. Shouldn’t this apply to our system of politics?
True Change requires a rotating, constantly moving system in order to deflect corruption.

Basically, history has proven this to be true repeatedly across the world and through time.

By limiting the terms, this prevents an opportunity for interference from outside sources. Hopefully, by switching individuals this will decrease the odds of corruption. Each representative should consider themselves a civil servant.

In service to the people, they should not attempt to position themselves for advancement or for profit. Politician should be banned from making decisions involving their financial supporters.

All courts should maintain a certain level of consistency so it should not matter which court you use to file your Complaint.

There are those who still believe in the system and their ability to affect change; especially, when they only have a short term to make their ‘mark’ on the world. By using a system that truly monitors this process and implements strict enforcement of laws, we are able to ensure fairness in our justice system.”

In basic physics when something is rotating or constantly 
moving at a steady pace, it automatically deflects.

I may not have all the answers but the ideas that I have may be small in comparison but at it’s a good place to start. Everyone can easily complain about a situation but in order to truly make a difference it is important to start somewhere.

The problems with the legal system affects everyone because when justice is limited or hindered people will lose faith in our system. There is nowhere for the average citizen to turn for assistance when after following the ‘rules’ they find themselves victimized.

With all the time that people spend expressing themselves about insignificant things, I felt that I should be able to contribute my own thoughts and ideas.

Being figuratively exiled, alienated, being blocked from gainful employment and being an unsupported business owner provides me with a whole lot of free time so I may as well be productive. When you are on the outside looking in, you tend to see things that others find easy to ignore.

Looking at life’s past and present should give you incite to the future. As I have stood witness to ‘man’s (continued) inhumanity to man,’ I cannot help but want to scream, yell and chastise but what real good would that accomplish.

Obviously, most people would simply take offense and shut down instead of heeding the warnings (spoken in anger). Considering this fact, I have to hope that there will be someone in the millions of people in the world who will see the importance of trying something new to improve our future.

Hopefully, there is someone who realizes that when it comes to ‘thinking outside the box;’ the fact is that there is no ‘box’ besides the one that we allow to limit our thinking.

There are so many talented, intelligent people with great ideas but without money or support, they have no way to implement them. I took a moment to review some of the post that were tweeted and I must say that a lot of them were unnecessary, tacky and a whole lot of TMI.

So I have to ask, “Can we dedicate a few moments to think about the future. Can we give five minutes per day to focus on our great-great-grandchildren? Who is going to take care of us when we are too old to take care of ourselves?”

Everything in these Articles and Books are based on fact and can be substantiated with documentation from public record. I only wish that I had someone take the time to share even a tiny bit of the information with me prior to my decision to pursue a career in the music industry.

Those rights that you believe that you have and are counting own having are simply non-existent. Your copyrights are useless because the courts that are supposed to enforce the laws will bend to the will of the rich and powerful…

I can assure you that this is not because of a lack of education!

I didn't just run out and write a tell-all book. It was not until many years later that I decided to write my first book on the subject entitled, Music Business: It’s a Dirty Game!

I feel that these Articles and books differ because it doesn’t just give you words from one person’s viewpoint, it provides step by step documentation proving how the artist works are stolen and how they are able to continue stealing lives with this modern day form of enslavement.

This book uses contracts with major music publisher, copyrights, court records and more to demonstrate tactics used to steal, oppress and destroy lives.

Find the answers to the many questions regarding how the music industry and this ‘system’ continues to operate with impunity in E.O.A.A. Educating Our Aspiring Artist  Weekly Articles Sponsored by SWP, LLC...Subscribe!

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For more detailed information regarding the many groups and what it means to be properly aligned, I encourage you to read Music Business: It’s a Dirty Game!

This title is also in an eBook form available at:

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I have had people completely disregard the most heinous acts and mistreatment under the guise that my writing allegedly reflects poor grammar. I am supposed to be this uneducated, ignorant and unworthy individual who cannot compile a sentence. I am super stressed, constantly bombarded and subjected to repeated unnatural events who is trying to exercise her rights to live so I'm sure a few typos can be overlooked. 

I am one person. I am the only person in the whole world that cares about my freedom and my struggles. I am using the only method that is available to me to fight for the right to exist and to be recognized as a human being. I copy and paste between article. I am constantly having to battle and fight through major opposition, racism, sexism and stupidity. Everything that I release, write and share has to go through many programs, people and technology. I use spell-check and attempt to review every article. When I release my recordings, they reflect my thoughts and the message is far more important than the grammar used.
Please consider that the information on these blogs, websites and titles are in direct conflict with multiple entities and groups. I have provided a multitude of supporting documentation which clearly shows opposition. I do not know what you receive on your end but if you are receiving copies with poor grammar and poor punctuation...there is a good chance that you are not receiving genuine publisher approved final copies.

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CONFLICT OF INTEREST - How does it affect your Music Career?

 E.O.A.A Weekly:  Friday, September 12, 2014, Written by Tiwanda ‘Ne Ne’ Lovelace Bio | Email Website | Twitter | YouTube | Online Store

“The information in this 
article derived in full and in part from 
Music, Murder and Mayhem – A True Story!, 
Music Business: It's a Dirty Game! and 
INVISIBLE: Living in America without Rights! 
All copyrights reserved”

E.O.A.A Weekly:
 “How does it affect your Music Career?”?

If you are sending your work by mail to your publishers, managers and labels and you are thinking that you are working with a team; 

First, there is no guarantee that they are actually receiving all of your work. 

Secondly, they can do what they want with your ideas once they have your work in hand.

They have access to all the major labels and their attorney’s. This brings us to having to deal with what is called ‘conflict of interest.’

The example of 'Conflict of Interest' would be when an attorney represents both his/her own client AND an opposing side’s interest simultaneously. This attorney cannot truly represent one while representing the other individual or entity's best interest.

I have listed an article below which addresses a history of problems with ‘conflict of interest’ and explains how it affects individuals in the entertainment business when an Attorney represents one client but has represented others in the past.

The News Article addresses whether it is ethical and how it can determine how likely an entertainment attorney will be to fight for his client when it can possibly affect future business dealings.

Online News article describes a major conflict and sheds light on the possible reasons as to why these instances are able to continue. I perceived this to be one of the reasons that some case are simply not pursued:

"Representing opposing parties during the negotiation of a contract is clearly an example where consent will not cure the problem," Schenk said.

"It's impossible for an attorney to provide undivided loyalty to one client if at the same time he or she is representing an opposing interest."

“The concern is that the lawyer’s--consciously or unconsciously--would most likely be less than zealous to slug it out on behalf of the people in order to ingratiate himself with the ‘system’ and assure that he does not affect the potential, future business." -News article.

This news article was written decades ago by educated and experienced attorneys, clearly establishes a question of ethics and demonstrates concern regarding conflict of interest when representing clients.

If representing a client to the fullest could possibly affect future business dealings for an attorney, there is no question that the attorney would very likely bend to the will of the ‘system.’

Although many attorney's recognize and have full knowledge of the above mentioned facts, there have been no efforts made to establish a fair way for the artist, producers or writers to conduct business without being hindered or without being negatively affected by the issue of 'Conflicts of Interest. Especially, when you consider the influential entertainment attorneys and the power wielded to end careers on a whelm.  

When reviewing most contracts, you will find that somewhere in the small print there are stipulations which require that the case be filed in Courts within certain districts.

In these instances where litigation is needed to resolve an issue, these jurisdiction mentioned in the contracts are usually close to the home of the Entity being sued. There are always some stipulations that can change the ability to file elsewhere but generally the Entity being sued has their home base covered.

Remember that most prominent attorneys are familiar with each other, the courts clerks, judges and each other’s process. Even the misinformed public is used to distract and misdirect from 'conflict of interest' assist with ensuring that the will of the affluent is enforced.

Most large entities have collected a team of lawyers to protect their interest. They also have millions of dollars that can be used to extend any case out for years, while the opponents have monetary limits.

The definition of a Monopoly is complete control of the entire supply of goods or of a service in a certain area or market, a large company that has a monopoly, complete ownership or control of something. This sums everything up to do with the music business in a single sentence.

They are able to utilize the laws that they choose to thwart justice is not only monopolizing but they are the leading cause to the detriment of our society.

This industry is the only billion dollar industry with universal reach that is not held accountable for its action or inaction. I have also found that it is difficult for some to hold officials and police departments accountable for their actions as well.

I want other Artist, Writers and Producers to be able to make informed decisions to protect themselves against the traps or at least recognize the need to tailor their contract.

They should be aware of the importance of requesting a sufficient amount of advance to protect themselves after the games begin because most entertainment attorneys will not risk future business by educating them once they have been selected or branded as ‘the Mark.’

I plan to continue to write my books and blogs until it is clear that this has been a deliberate attempt to induce suicidal actions, to violate civil and human rights, to subject those ‘chosen’ to continued persecution in order to cause their surrender or demise.

Per 15 U.S. Code § 2 - Monopolizing trade a felony; penalty - Every person who shall monopolize, or attempt to monopolize, or combine or conspire with any other person or persons, to monopolize any part of the trade or commerce among the several States, or with foreign nations, shall be deemed guilty of a felony, and, on conviction thereof, shall be punished by fine not exceeding $100,000,000 if a corporation, or, if any other person, $1,000,000, or by imprisonment not exceeding 10 years, or by both said punishments, in the discretion of the court.

The Commission is charged under…the Clayton Act, with preventing and eliminating unlawful tying contracts, corporate mergers and acquisitions, and interlocking directorates. The statute… to prevent certain specified practices involving discriminatory pricing and product promotion.

The worst part is that; even when you present proof of a conspiracy ‘set forth in plain statements…’ there is no justice for most.

Every other major corporations are held liable for their actions; except, the major music labels. It’s nothing new to hear about Artist, Writers, and producers not receiving compensation but there is definitely no excuse for them to operate with impunity!

Remember, the simple fact that any well-established entertainment attorney that encourages signing a ‘standard’ contract for low figures knows that when the deal sours; any attorney will require a very large retainer.

There has to be some unethical about working against individual artist when they have full knowledge of how the industry operates; yet, they trade favors and artist like slaves.

Secondly, when the record or publishing company uses deliberate methods and tactics to manipulate musical works, they limit and prevent an artist from conducting business.

They are controlling an industry by denying royalties and opportunities and most importantly, by using all of their outlets and connections to further hinder the artist ability to make a living and seek justice.

There is a multitude of concrete proof; yet, they operate with Impunity!

These victimized individuals are made Invisible when the courts ignore blatant violations with this modern day enslavement. Music is universal, what would you imagine that a billion dollar industry would do to any that oppose their process?

Most entertainment lawyers have their own clients and artist that they represent.

Keep in mind that most attorneys will not fight tooth and nail on behalf of the artist because they don’t want to make waves with the record company. They would want to assure that he/she does not risk losing potential future business.

Remember that most of the attorney’s in the music industry are familiar with each other and have had business dealings with each other at some point.

Ultimately, in spite of having copyrights secured by myself, copies of materials, copies of receipts for overnight mailings, and other correspondences submitted to Zomba representatives, it did not matter.

Zomba stated in response regarding songs that were in question that allegations were unclear. However; prior to filing suit against them I received a letter stating that they were investigating my claims.

In fact, Zomba denied even receiving or having any works in spite of my return receipts and although some of the songs mentioned in copyright infringements were listed, were actually referenced and within my co-publishing agreement.

There are many options available for you so don’t be afraid to look outside the box. If you have been offered any kind of deal, remember that you have the option of signing a one time deal or a one project deal. This may be better for you because it will allow you to experience what business would be like before committing to the long term.

It will be better to have signed a short term bad deal than for you to commit to a long term agreement only to find that this company did not have your best interest at heart. You would think that educated individuals would conduct business properly and would have established a way to properly address the problem with 'Conflict of Interest.'

This brings me to discuss the Education and whether college can be a Cure-All within the music business in the next article E.O.A.A. Weekly on Friday, October 10, 2014!

Find the answers to the many questions regarding how the music industry and this  ‘system’ continues to operate with impunity in E.O.A.A. Educating Our Aspiring Artist  Weekly Articles Sponsored by SWP, LLC...Subscribe!

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For more detailed information regarding the many groups and what it means to be properly aligned, I encourage you to read Music, Murder and Mayhem – A True Story!  and  Music Business: It’s a Dirty Game!

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Is Age a Factor in the Music Business? The uncut, jaw-dropping truth!

Written by Tiwanda ‘Ne Ne’ Lovelace Bio Email Website | Twitter | YouTube | Online Store
E.O.A.A. Weekly News Article: Friday, August 29, 2014
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Is Age a Factor in the Music Business?
“We provide the uncut, jaw-dropping truth 
about the Music Business!”

The world is changing and the business of music is more than what it appears to be. Let’s face it, the bottom line is profits and more profits! 

There are more instance than ever where there is a mature Artist who has been writing behind the scenes suddenly
surfaces after being put through the meat-grinder for
decades while surrounded by haters.

In most cases, the newly released artist appear to be
about twelve years of age. I would have to agree that there is a lot of talented young artist, writers and producer. Most feel that they are just lucky to have their parents that are able to walk them through the door.

Some would have you believe that the younger the artists, the easier they are to work with but the simple truth is that it is there is usually some family ties to the entertainment industry and/or someone who has simply plugged them in for a very large share of their career. 

In part, it can be compared to why employers tend to hire younger employees...its cost effective. 

However, there is always those who position themselves to work with children for other twisted purposes and the Music Business is no different. I am sure that you have noticed the way that some of these very young children are made to look sexy. I always cringe when I see some of the under-developed Artist presented in questionable ways or provocative clothing and I am thinking...For What? 

I have even heard of cases where the young children/artist are dropped off at recording studios without being chaperoned. 

Personally, I have never been the type to trust and I have always wondered how some parents could entrust their young
ones unsupervised with strangers or relatives in these
times. Lapse in judgment on the parents part can lead to
detrimental outcomes so don’t be naïve about what can
happen behind closed doors.

It's no secret that many get involved with the music business for money, music and sex but let's leave these children alone. I am so sick of hearing about alleged acts involving children and no one is held accountable. 

So the question arises, “Is age a factor?” I would like to
believe that anything can happen to advance your career because I have learned that timing is everything. 

"Always remember that everyone cannot be evil 
and there is always a way."

Unfortunately, I would still be inclined to say that age is
definitely a factor.

The age of the artist can affect your career course in that
small minded individuals may apply their own
philosophy as to whether they feel that they can market

This can be dangerous because they may not tell you directly because they may have intentions of stealing your fresh ideas or possibly be interested in using you to further their own career. 

Although they may be harboring ill intentions, they will never express this to you openly.

The business of music is more than just a business, it is
shaping the world that we live in because it is in
everything from politics to religion.

In my opinion, music is a wonderful gift that should be
respected and used as a positive motivating force.

However; just as beauty can be perceived by some as a
curse, the business of music generates billions of dollars
in profits and we all know that money brings problems.

Imagine what individuals are willing to do for just a
piece of the billions of dollars.

In my opinion it’s comparable to using independent
contracts and vendors. Those behind the scenes are not
monitoring the local executives, producers and attorneys.

The problems is not that there isn’t enough money to be
made but it is the greed that entices those to hoard the
profits. It is greed and desperation that causes some to
conspire against the aspiring artist. 

Many of these individuals have dedicated countless years to their careers and have nothing to show for their sacrifices, this
can lead to desperation.

Eventually, the tension between the ‘have and the have-nots
erupts and then violence ensues (which is usually presented to the public as gang-related incidents).  

To put it plainly, a lot of the individuals associated with developing and bringing in these billions of dollars from sales are not compensated properly or not compensated at all.

I’m sure that at one point in your life you have heard the
phrase, ‘There’s no such thing as half-way crooks.’ 

You can rest assured that if and when you find yourself in
bad company, it won’t be long before they will try to cut
you out completely in any way possible immediately
after you have served their purpose. If there is any way
possible to avoid having to compensate most, they will.

Although predominantly it is minorities and women who
are subjected to this form of treatment, it is not limited to
these individuals. 

The truth is, money has but one color - GREEN!

Previously, I mentioned that because of the billions of
dollars in profits, the entertainment business is into
everything and their money could easily provide access
and influence which includes; the courts, politicians,
police, library of congress, etc…

I will address many questions in the Articles and
Newsletters ahead regarding the many groups and about
protecting yourself but let’s address protecting your
works through copyrights. 

How important is copyrighting your materials to protect your work and does it really matter? 

Here is some information for you to research for next week  "Copyrights, Are You Protected?"

Library of Congress for Copyrights:
Copyright Website:
Copyright Office Fees:

For more specific, pertinent information regarding
copyrighting your material for your protection, I
encourage you to read, Music, Murder and Mayhem – A
True Story. 

This title is currently available and free in an
audiobook at:

Currently, if your works meets certain criteria you may
be able to file your copyrights electronically but you will
be still required to submit printed copies to be kept on
file. You may file your works as a collection to reduce
the cost or fees involved in registering your work.

For more detailed information regarding the many
groups and what it means to be properly aligned, I
encourage you to read, Music, Murder and Mayhem –
A True Story

This title is also in an eBook form at:


Printed copies currently available at:

Is copyrighting your works enough to protect your work? Does your Copyrights ensure that you will be able to stop or prevent copyright infringements?

Find the answers to many questions in future articles and newsletters ahead regarding the many groups and what it is to be properly aligned... Subscribe!

For more detailed information regarding the many groups and what it whether that Certificate of Copyrights is sufficient to ensure your rights to works, I encourage you to read Music, Murder and Mayhem – A True Story.

This title is currently available and it is free in an audio book version at one of our websites:

This title is also in an eBook form and printed copies currently available at:

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