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SEALED or UNSEALED, That is the Question!

Written By Tiwanda 'Ne Ne' Lovelace, Managing Member of SWP, LLC/7 West Publishing 


SWP, LLC has compiled a set of books which shed light on the darkest side of big business and the 'system' that profits. Licensing rights available for controversial publications expose major corruption, abuse of power, privacy violations, rape, bullying, etc... against U.S. citizens. It is through these titles that Lovelace has an opportunity to shed light on the tactics that are used to deprive rights, manipulate events which are used to facilitate public support. These publications provide detailed proof of corruption and collusion. This Blog is not just for the aspiring artists but it is also for those who are interested in learning how the world actually operates. Not only can your life be stolen but these same entities can also ensure your enslavement by depriving you of legal representation. In most cases, the attorneys are not likely to represent you against majors so as to not jeopardize future business dealings. These same entities will block, hinder and interfere with any assistance by manipulating events that vilify anyone who opposes. These events usually include violence, betrayal and further dehumanization. What's worse is EVERYONE with illegal access will assist either by action or inaction for any given 'justification.' See for yourself:

September 5, 2016 

SEALED or UNSEALED, That is the Question!

Under FOIA - Lovelace's FBI Record File

I am far from perfect but my background record has been modified to reflect inaccuracies; wherein, a single incident has been exaggerated and input as multiple offenses occurring on different dates. I had included this information in my initial lawsuit as shown here in the PDF - 

Lawsuit Against Dekalb Police -

Lovelace's FBI Record Request under Freedom of Information Act - Received

Under FOIA- Freedom of Information Act, recently I requested a copy of my FBI file due to concerns of privacy violations and lack of enforcement of laws by officials where Lovelace is concerned. This file contains 357 pages; however, only 125 pages are unsealed.

A federal case was initiated due to GA Case - Flight to avoid prosecution is a federal offense. Per FBI file, upon my surrender...the Federal case was dismissed.

image of Federal Case dismissal

HOWEVER, my FBI file reflects that AFTER  that dismissal...there are over 220 pages in my file that shows SEALED PURSUANT COURT ORDER.

WHAT ARE THEY HIDING? I can promise that it was not sealed for my benefit! The only time there is action is when someone is covering up some dirt! With all of the decades of inaction, an action to seal or hide specific detailed information indicates questionable behavior.


Clearly, I did not have this sealed. Could this be the same Courts that refuse to recognize any of my claims and allegations in EVERY filing submitted from Michigan to Georgia.

Does this FBI file's SEALED pages confirm awareness of the many criminal offenses committed against Lovelace?

Were they there watching in New York when I was being drugged and violated at that Hostel?

Were they listening when passerby's would make comments referencing how many men that it was?

Who sealed my FBI Record? Was it the same Courts/Clerks that deliberately and repeatedly deprive my rights? Why block 220+ pages? If the Case was closed, why would there be a need for 220+ more pages or need for case files?

Below is an example of background records are manipulated due to abuse of power:

 There was no routine traffic stop because I was not driving. I fly to Georgia and I walked into the police station to turn myself in. I was then processed on the warrant. After being processed for the warrant, the officers kept pulling me from county jail and re-arresting me on other fictitious crimes. Eventually, they were dismissed but those bogus arrest remain for the purposes of misrepresenting and to defame. 

 After I turned myself in, this is the FBI CASE STATUS FORM which claims that police arrested me at traffic stop; however, the truth was that I walked into a police station to surrender.

image of FBI Report page lying about traffic stop when Lovelace turned herself in 

 Transcript of public defender confirming that I turned myself in.

image of transcript citing fly in to turn herself in -   


1-antitrust doj (10) JUNE 11 NO SCRIBBLE doj 

1-antitrust doj (3) MAY 2 DOJ we dont see anything

The DOJ offices were aware when I first filed against Dekalb Police as shown below...

Even the Form illegally reprocessed by the GA Courts/Clerks without my consent or notice or signature (so that the Defendants could have more time to respond to Complaint) was sent through the DOJ.


It is convenient that for decades, 'Under Color of Law' a person can be publicly deprived of every civil and human right and yet, be the single-handed culprit who is responsible for so much wrong that I can continue to be openly subjected while being denied even the decency of shelter and basic needs...

I never deserved this then and I certainly do not deserve it now.  The way that I  was mistreated in Washington, D.C. and North Carolina last week was deplorable but I guess that I needed to see for myself just how deep-seated the lies and mass deception actually is. 

Everyone wants to pretend as if everything is normal but I have strangers telling me, "...he is robbing you every day!" or "She's killing, as usual..." 

People try to make it seem like I'm stuck in the past but this was last week! 

The same week that I could not find a shelter or any assistance. It was just last week where for some convenient reason, I could not send an email to my congress person to request assistance in order to obtain Help with a Federal Agency.

Finally, I received confirmation that the email was received.

For more on the subject, visit:

Everyone who is in a position of addressing the many atrocities that have been forced on individuals, seek to present themselves as upstanding, decent, law-abiding citizens who actually care about civil rights and human rights; yet, they turn a blind eye and continue to profit from the violence like it's a sport.

While the Artists/Songwriter's name is sullied and drug through the figurative 'mud,' those who profit, hide. They pretend to separate themselves from the inhumane treatment and dehumanization of many who fall a victim to a 'system' that vilifies ANY who would call attention to the truth.

Learn about how every resource and outlet is used in an effort to initiate hardship on those who insist on exercising their rights while discouraging their desire to seek resolution as if to say, 'Let it go!' 'We do this to everyone so there is no hope...'

Learn the entire process which demonstrates egregious intent to influence a sense of hopelessness.

When the smell of violence was fresh and 'street justice' was being used inflict further damage, the initial response from professionals (both, legal and official) was, "(We) can't help you..."

Everyone has a story but the atrocities that have been allowed to continue blatantly will shock even the most weathered individual...Learn how the world actually operates.



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