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 Seven West Productions has developed a program that will enable others to access our controversial publications. Our products and programs reflect the entire process and expose the atrocities from the start of a career in music, navigating the Gatekeepers, to the Contract and to the Battles with the Courts. Take a moment to review information on our products and watch our videos on YouTube. We provide supporting documentation in support of the many allegations. Our experiences make us stronger; so, why not share them so others can learn from those experiences for generations?

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These titles clearly describes how some of these individuals work together to conspire against their own artist and others.

Author's BIO
Tiwanda Lovelace is Founder and Managing Member of Seven West Productions, LLC. I look forward to being invited to your region so that I can share our multiple intertwined, products, courses and programs that are derived from a lifetime of experience.

By offering our program in your region, we are able ensure that future generations across the globe will have a chance to utilize our program to make well-informed decisions regarding their career path. I'd like to work with multiple organizations and groups to offer this program for your aspiring youth. For the Love of Music!

Although the unethical practices are not limited to any single industry, even after providing solid evidence of unethical business practices, secured copyrights in response to copyright infringements and contracts, the standard response was to attempt to discredit, induce suicide and to intimidate. 

These eBooks are not limited to any single industry because it can be applied to many. We educate while using a direct approach, honesty and humor to create much needed dialogue on important subject matters.  All other products about big business are always from a ‘safe’ perspective, so it is more likely that those who are connected directly to big business will withhold the truth out of fear of losing future business.

These events cover thirty years of willful, deliberate civil and criminal violations used to cover up atrocities. Lovelace only attempted to exercise her rights not to be subjected to those who intended harm. Others were given an opportunity to share their side for twenty years prior to Lovelace writing her books. Lovelace was ultimately convicted in the court of public opinion before she even knew she was on trial.

Lovelace was never considered or directly addressed nor given an opportunity to defend herself. These titles were initiated from actual legal battles involving an Artist/Songwriter's personal experiences with major music publisher's.

Each title has been derived from actual court cases involving copyright infringements, breach of contracts and 'obstruction of justice' events. Review for yourself, the trail of corruption, the scandal and the 'system' which aids in dehumanizing the aspiring artist through willful and deliberate acts and inaction.

Imagine people exacting revenge and using their access and resources to block all resolution. Inside, are the actual documentation and files used to demonstrate some of the tactics used to steal artist lives, deny rights and enslave the artist.

These titles are compiled using personal journals, public records, contracts, copyrights and other documentation which demonstrates how abuses are allowed to continue. It is through these titles that Lovelace has an opportunity to shed light on the tactics that are used to deprive rights, manipulate events which are used to facilitate public support.

These publications provide detailed proof of corruption and collusion. Learn how every resource and outlet is used in an effort to initiate hardship on those who insist on exercising their rights while discouraging their desire to seek resolution as if to say, 'Let it go!' 'We do this to everyone so there is no hope...'

Learn the entire process which demonstrates egregious intent to influence a sense of hopelessness. When the smell of violence was fresh and 'street justice' was being used inflict further damage, the initial response from professionals (both, legal and official) was, "(We) can't help you..." Again, these events cover thirty years of willful, deliberate civil and criminal violations used to cover up atrocities.

SWP, LLC is a publishing/production company that is dedicated to educating our youth. Our purpose is to address, educate, coordinate, and provide aid and relief to eradicate the stealing of artist lives copyright infringements and breach of contracts on a local and global level regardless of their race, ethnicity, or religion on a local and global level.

Our products are available to all organizations that were created for the purpose of helping to prepare and encourage the education and betterment of our youth and young adults. We offer learning tools; such as, articles, comics and publications for our youth who are aspiring to become artist, writers and producers.

All that is required is to rebrand, repackage and market these products effectively on a global scale. Due to these publications conflict with billion-dollar industries, it has been difficult navigating through opposition. As a small publisher, I have been unable to successfully break through to reach my target audience; however, this does not negate this project. Judge for yourselves by reviewing our shared folder - SAMPLES!

If you’re an investor, sponsor or publisher and would like to get information on specific rights availability and terms, see samples, or make appointments for book-fair meetings, please contact: (702) 900-4087, (702) 860-0116 or (877) 885-2944.

Thank you for your interest and for visiting!

Best regards,

Tiwanda Lovelace, Seven West Productions

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Copyright © 2013 Created and Written by Tiwanda ‘Ne Ne’ Lovelace

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