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Is Age a Factor in the Music Business? The uncut, jaw-dropping truth!

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E.O.A.A. Weekly News Article: Friday, August 29, 2014
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Is Age a Factor in the Music Business?
“We provide the uncut, jaw-dropping truth 
about the Music Business!”

The world is changing and the business of music is more than what it appears to be. Let’s face it, the bottom line is profits and more profits! 

There are more instance than ever where there is a mature Artist who has been writing behind the scenes suddenly
surfaces after being put through the meat-grinder for
decades while surrounded by haters.

In most cases, the newly released artist appear to be
about twelve years of age. I would have to agree that there is a lot of talented young artist, writers and producer. Most feel that they are just lucky to have their parents that are able to walk them through the door.

Some would have you believe that the younger the artists, the easier they are to work with but the simple truth is that it is there is usually some family ties to the entertainment industry and/or someone who has simply plugged them in for a very large share of their career. 

In part, it can be compared to why employers tend to hire younger employees...its cost effective. 

However, there is always those who position themselves to work with children for other twisted purposes and the Music Business is no different. I am sure that you have noticed the way that some of these very young children are made to look sexy. I always cringe when I see some of the under-developed Artist presented in questionable ways or provocative clothing and I am thinking...For What? 

I have even heard of cases where the young children/artist are dropped off at recording studios without being chaperoned. 

Personally, I have never been the type to trust and I have always wondered how some parents could entrust their young
ones unsupervised with strangers or relatives in these
times. Lapse in judgment on the parents part can lead to
detrimental outcomes so don’t be naïve about what can
happen behind closed doors.

It's no secret that many get involved with the music business for money, music and sex but let's leave these children alone. I am so sick of hearing about alleged acts involving children and no one is held accountable. 

So the question arises, “Is age a factor?” I would like to
believe that anything can happen to advance your career because I have learned that timing is everything. 

"Always remember that everyone cannot be evil 
and there is always a way."

Unfortunately, I would still be inclined to say that age is
definitely a factor.

The age of the artist can affect your career course in that
small minded individuals may apply their own
philosophy as to whether they feel that they can market

This can be dangerous because they may not tell you directly because they may have intentions of stealing your fresh ideas or possibly be interested in using you to further their own career. 

Although they may be harboring ill intentions, they will never express this to you openly.

The business of music is more than just a business, it is
shaping the world that we live in because it is in
everything from politics to religion.

In my opinion, music is a wonderful gift that should be
respected and used as a positive motivating force.

However; just as beauty can be perceived by some as a
curse, the business of music generates billions of dollars
in profits and we all know that money brings problems.

Imagine what individuals are willing to do for just a
piece of the billions of dollars.

In my opinion it’s comparable to using independent
contracts and vendors. Those behind the scenes are not
monitoring the local executives, producers and attorneys.

The problems is not that there isn’t enough money to be
made but it is the greed that entices those to hoard the
profits. It is greed and desperation that causes some to
conspire against the aspiring artist. 

Many of these individuals have dedicated countless years to their careers and have nothing to show for their sacrifices, this
can lead to desperation.

Eventually, the tension between the ‘have and the have-nots
erupts and then violence ensues (which is usually presented to the public as gang-related incidents).  

To put it plainly, a lot of the individuals associated with developing and bringing in these billions of dollars from sales are not compensated properly or not compensated at all.

I’m sure that at one point in your life you have heard the
phrase, ‘There’s no such thing as half-way crooks.’ 

You can rest assured that if and when you find yourself in
bad company, it won’t be long before they will try to cut
you out completely in any way possible immediately
after you have served their purpose. If there is any way
possible to avoid having to compensate most, they will.

Although predominantly it is minorities and women who
are subjected to this form of treatment, it is not limited to
these individuals. 

The truth is, money has but one color - GREEN!

Previously, I mentioned that because of the billions of
dollars in profits, the entertainment business is into
everything and their money could easily provide access
and influence which includes; the courts, politicians,
police, library of congress, etc…

I will address many questions in the Articles and
Newsletters ahead regarding the many groups and about
protecting yourself but let’s address protecting your
works through copyrights. 

How important is copyrighting your materials to protect your work and does it really matter? 

Here is some information for you to research for next week  "Copyrights, Are You Protected?"

Library of Congress for Copyrights:
Copyright Website:
Copyright Office Fees:

For more specific, pertinent information regarding
copyrighting your material for your protection, I
encourage you to read, Music, Murder and Mayhem – A
True Story. 

This title is currently available and free in an
audiobook at:

Currently, if your works meets certain criteria you may
be able to file your copyrights electronically but you will
be still required to submit printed copies to be kept on
file. You may file your works as a collection to reduce
the cost or fees involved in registering your work.

For more detailed information regarding the many
groups and what it means to be properly aligned, I
encourage you to read, Music, Murder and Mayhem –
A True Story

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Is copyrighting your works enough to protect your work? Does your Copyrights ensure that you will be able to stop or prevent copyright infringements?

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For more detailed information regarding the many groups and what it whether that Certificate of Copyrights is sufficient to ensure your rights to works, I encourage you to read Music, Murder and Mayhem – A True Story.

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This title is also in an eBook form and printed copies currently available at:

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