Sunday, October 16, 2016

Handcuffed - This was no coincidence.

This was no coincidence.


I worked for Capital One after they purchased H.S.B.C.,
using H.S.B.C. management and staff - 
I was harassed daily! 

THEIR employee told me 'why don't you just die.'

THEY brought up the past and 

THEY referenced that music mess. 

From previously being subjected to  these hostile environments, 

I was able to counter their attempts with the same techniques that have been used  on me for decades. 

When their efforts were ineffective and only led to their 

frustration and anger, I was let go without good cause.

I found out later about their affiliation 

with the music business.


On September 18, 2013, I attempted to check out 

Canada by booking a six night vacation to familiarize 

myself with their rules on providing my publishing 

services in Canada. 

I was still subjected to comments and minor chatting 

that was in relation to prison or locking someone up. 

As soon as I arrived in Canada, as I exited the gate all I 

could see was HSBC everywhere.

As I went through security; I had this tall manly looking 

woman security with the name tag – Wakowski who 

was anxiously walking towards me as if she had been 
waiting for me, needless to say that I was questioned, then I was detained and denied entry into Canada

I was paraded in front of other officers and one had 

the nerve to wink at me. 

One of the other officers, told me that he had connects in the United States

I was detained/arrested and placed  in a cell overnight; 

when I was awakened I had Officer Bathan place me in handcuffs that were so tight that they left a mark. 

It was clear that the U.S. FBI doesn’t want me going too

far because that supposedly dismissed warrant/record 

has not been dismissed from their system.

This was no coincidence.

Recent H.S.B.C. music business connections  

It is not okay for people to exact revenge 

on one person 

under the guise of a game. 

You know when someone is trying to 

'knock you off' - secretly, 

pressuring you and alienating 

you; while hurting others so 

that they will hate you... 

this is not a game!

I have not killed anyone, 

I have done nothing different 

than any other human being facing this 


YES, I AM ANGRY, rightfully so!

you would be too! 

I am not allowed to work; therefore, 

I can't maintain a residence, 

I am not allowed to conduct business 

so I can't eat,

I am not allowed to have rights 

as a U.S. citizen,

I am not allowed to leave the country,

I have to fight everyone in any 

position to block anything,


Sounds like murder to me!

It's not just talk!

VANCOUVER CANADA AIRPORT - September 18, 11:30 pm
The gate was full of  H.S.B.C. POSTERS/ADS. 
H.S.B.C. definitely marked all of that area.
H.S.B.C. was the last thing that I saw before I was locked up.

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...I was harassed from all angles, every job taken from me by using different tactics, and taking away my livelihood (I was even refused public assistance and housing).

I am certain that the people that are at my job were trying to harass me for the sole purpose of benefiting someone else; as if we were in competition. I assure you that I will not hurt myself so others can profit for destroying me. What kind of man would ‘sick’ all these people on me for financial gain or even to hide their dirt?

I am certain that someone already or is trying to profit and I am so pissed. Public got me meaner than two snakes tied together – mean enough to write a tell all. They think I care after twenty plus, plus.

December 23, 2012 Journal entry:

‘I can’t go to the grocery store, a restaurant or work without hearing people breaking their necks to point and laugh at me. If I cared about what they thought I would have broken down over twenty years ago.’

‘They mock and say that I wanted to take short cuts, pay my dues, it’s her fault for what happened, she’s crazy because they are going to lock her up, and just simply hate.’

‘I said that I would try to make a life for myself and I tried to work to achieve something but at each turn, there the people were to block, hinder, attack and keep throwing the past in my face. The people want the past then I will give it to them. I will not spend another day without pursuing justice in every form.’