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Orchestrated Revenge - Hiding Dirt!

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E.O.A.A. Weekly News Article: April 20, 2016

Hiding Their Dirt for Decades!

It is not important to me the ‘who’ but it is very important to explain that I have made every effort to try to correct this injustice. Understanding the complexity of this world and its court system, I reached out to many for assistance by providing supporting documentation and requested intervention from the beginning.

Let's look at the facts:

Consider my family background of being raised as a Jehovah’s Witness and my father, Robert Heard currently serving a life sentence in Michigan for allegedly murdering a police officer – Stanley Rapaski and bar owner – Cass Czerwinski (also referred to as Casimir A. Czerwinski, Cass Czerwinski and Casmere Czerwinski). I don't know who these people were but the media was very careful when mentioning his name or referencing the latter. 

I wonder if Cass Czerwinski, the bar owners family were influential, powerful people that could keep their names out of the press. I am still researching both parties; however, I can’t help but wonder if Czerwinski is related to Democratic Representative Joseph C. Czerwinski. 

That’s why everyone came for me and why I was wired up, kept in the dark and manipulated for years. A secret campaign was launched based on lies to destroy in an attempt revenge. The victims, their friends and family of all this carnage have been messing me over, my children and now my grandchild like it’s my fault. While everyone turns a blind eye and pretends like it is justified. 

Everyone knew about the plans to induce suicide, the rapes as a child, the messed up -mother- who was listening to Jehovah’s Witnesses (NY) when it was decided no college. The only thing that makes sense as to why this much bad could be inflicted on one individual is if it was all arranged.  

People say that people were trying to help but that was not help. You don’t help by hurting. They came to profit from this mess and fight over money. They took and pushed me away or either treated me bad or showed ill-intent so I left. There was no communication so if anyone truly cared, it was not shown. I cannot read minds.

Decades ago, my father made National news but I cannot get a lawyer to represent me after clearly proving that this ‘system’ and those in position did nothing to stop the attempted murder and deliberately induced deprivation of rights. 
Murder? Is that not what people run to punish and lock others up for committing but everyone can decide that allowing my attempted murder is acceptable? Every outlet from privacy violations, the public, television programming, radio, employers and people used their influence and power to inflict harm and induce suicide. I refuse!
My publications walk you through multiple incidences of violence and manipulated persecution. These publications expose almost every dirty deed conspired for profit and revenge which has led to further criminal acts; such as unfair competition, unfair trade practices, mail-tampering and more. 
Clearly, those behind the scenes had come to agreement and the decision was made. because people used their influence and power. Every outlet from privacy violations, the public, television programming, radio, employers to inflict harm and to attempt to induce suicide. Many were physically hurt to persuade mass cooperation and cooperate, they have (at least where I've been!

Every adult knows how corrupt and evil this world is but I have to walk around subjected, persecuted and harassed for decades… People killing cops. Cops killing black boys and getting away with it. Child killer get major money donated for legal defense but I can't get a lawyer. 

Every lawyer that I ever had in screwed me. Black people alienating me and stabbing me in the back as if I am the cause. Forcing me to live impoverished, without support (I cannot sell a $10 frame without the supporter being persecuted, too). Family betrayal due to financial gain or due to intimidation and threats. 

People laughing and mocking (periodically) saying, “it isn’t my money…” Officials turning a blind eye at corruption while looking to put me in prison in an effort to quiet the truth.  It looks like Motive to me...

National News Clippings:


**Above URL's provide a long list that consist of very prominent attorney’s, groups and organizations. **

After years of seeking assistance in the U.S., I attempted to travel to Canada...But conveniently, I was detained...

Handcuffed in Canada - This was no coincidence. I had a suitcase full of my books.

On September 18, 2013, I attempted to check out Canada by booking a six night vacation to familiarize myself with their rules on providing my publishing services in Canada.

I was still subjected to comments and minor chatting that was in relation to prison or locking someone up. As soon as I arrived in Canada, as I exited the gate all I could see was HSBC everywhere. 

As I went through security; I had this tall manly looking woman security with the name tag – Wakowski who was anxiously walking towards me as if she had been waiting for me, needless to say that I was questioned, then was detained and denied entry into Canada. 

I was paraded in front of other officers and one had the nerve to wink at me. One of the other officers, told me that he had connects in the United States. I was detained/arrested and placed in a cell overnight; when I was awakened I had Officer Bathan place me in handcuffs that were so tight that they left a mark. 

It was clear that the U.S. FBI doesn’t want me going too far because that supposedly dismissed warrant/record has not been dismissed from their system. This was no coincidence.

A male Canadian Police stated, "I have connects in the U.S..."


My employment was used as a means to harass me daily but I endured. It was a circus, daily harassment and a full campaign of 'who let the dogs out!' 

What are the odds of my experiencing harassment on the job from Management and Co-Workers AND the overwhelming presence of that same employer while being detained and prevented from entering Canada?

Just because I am not running around hysterical, broken spirited and falling apart does not invalidate my claims. 

This has been a life time of this bullshit. I went through the years of 'tears' to the 'battle of the rage' and I have survived the 'love me, love me not' games. I have personally dealt with the realization, the pain of loss and betrayal. I am and have always been built to last. Nothing about my life has been easy, ever! 

All of the mind games, manipulations and abuse has made me strong - mind, body and soul. Besides, there is no doubt anymore. I have been able to separate myself emotions in order to clearly be able to recognize this 'situation' that I have been bullied into. 

I can understand why it is so important for this information to remain hidden. If this was to be released, it would reflect poorly on each entity. It is probably because these are the same entities that are supposed to uphold and protect the rights of the people.

What kind of message would this send to the people? It would appear that the life of one individual in comparison to the prominent, upscale, influential people is most important.

The Courts clearly did not follow procedures. They ignored violence as shown below:

The legal system, police and courts refuse to acknowledge any claims in any case spanning years and even recent criminal acts involving police or judicial misconduct…while the public is used to spread rumors to justify modern day enslavement.
The courts ignored actual violence and facts while attributing ‘violence’ to being a product of plaintiffs ovarian cystectomy (female surgery)…

The Courts/Clerks ignored Fed. Rules and Procedures when obstructing justice as shown here:

Rules for Judicial-Conduct:

8. Action by Clerk

(a) Receipt of Complaint. Upon receiving a complaint against a judge filed under Rule 5 or 6, the circuit clerk must open a file, assign a docket number according to a uniform numbering scheme promulgated by the Judicial Conference Committee on Judicial Conduct and Disability, and acknowledge the complaint's receipt.

COA CLERK DID NOT FOLLOW PROCEDURE because there was no docket number assigned and the stamp used was not initialed. In fact, when I question him about the Docket #…he gave me the copy of the first page that was stamped with different stamp and it was initialed. 

When I met with Kennerly (Court of Appeals Clerk) to give him the requested unbound copy, he provided me with a copy of 1st page stamped C.O.M. with a Docket # (finally) but it was nothing like the copy that the courts initially returned.

Bonus copy of INVISIBLE: Judicial Misconduct Exposed provides actual documentation that further proves blatant unquestionable misconduct!

See video proof:

The music business was used as a tool to exact revenge...
The Courts was used to deprive rights; cementing this oppression...

MANIAC ALERT!  April 28, 2016:

Damn, I'm on somebody's mind!

Someone took the time to go to my website and try to log in as admin 20 times using the username - NOTHING -! 

All I did was work and barely survive a gauntlet of monsters pretending to be human so that I could get free from this madness...It's people like this that has contributed to keeping the madness going.

I don't control people and I don't seek to hurt others. 

Please get this person some help with their misplaced anger!

It's a good thing that I don't let haters stop my flow.

By the way, I  recognize that not everyone is sane. I also understand that some people are just unhappy and miserable so it's NOTHING to ignore! 

How should I respond?

"Thank you for thinking about me! Good luck with that Hate thing you got going on because it can't be healthy for you..."

By the way the User location was Kiev Ukraine
Really? It's not on my list of places to visit....

Read…Music Business: It's A Dirty Game!!! 

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